Bin Medic+ will be officially closed for the Winter Season (weather permitting)
on November 15, 2023!

Prebook Now for Your 2024 Spring Bin Cleaning as Appointments are Filling Up Quickly. Our Team Wishes Everyone a Safe and Healthy Winter and we look forward to Serving You Again in the Spring of 2024!

If you want Flexible hassle-free bin cleaning service, then Bin Medic+ has you covered.

We have a variety of plans to meet your needs

One-time Clean
  • Great way to try us out
  • Select which bins you would like cleaned
  • Clean on a as-needed basis
  • Makes a perfect gift
$44 (plus taxes)
One-time Clean
  • Great way to try us out
  • Clean on a as-needed basis
  • Makes a perfect gift
$54 (plus taxes)

Receive the following pricing when you sign up for annual service

Monthly Package
  • Includes all 3 bins (Green, Blue, & Black)
  • Helps keep insects away
  • Helps control odors
$38 (plus taxes)
Bi-monthly Package
  • Includes 3 bins (Green, Blue, & Black)
  • Great for seasonal cleanings
$44 (plus taxes)
Terms & Conditions

Customer Responsibilities:

  • To ensure proper cleaning, bins must be COMPLETELY EMPTY and placed curbside for front garages or are accessible and are clearly marked with your house number for back alleys.  If your bins are not empty or are not clearly marked with your house number for back alley residences, your bin cleaning appointment will automatically be rescheduled and a $20.00 Service Charge Will Apply. If you cancel the rescheduled appointment, you will still be responsible to pay the Service Charge at the time of cancellation.
  • Our cleaning techniques are the most effective and efficient in the industry and provide great results; however, trash bins that are extremely soiled may cause variable results. Trash bins that are soiled with chemicals and oils will not be cleaned. Stuck-on glue, paint, and other stains may not be removed with cleaning and in extreme cases; some bins may take two or more cleanings to reach optimal cleanliness. Bin Medic+ will not be responsible for the condition of these bins after cleaning.     
  • Bin Medic+ will not accept any responsibility for damaged trash cans. These issues need to be taken to the city which provides the trash cans. Our service is to merely to clean the bins.

Cleaning Schedule and Payment:

  • We will schedule your bin cleaning service within 24-48 hours after your last trash bin has been picked up. All bins (green, blue, and black) will be washed on the same day. If Bin Medic+ fails to provide service on the scheduled day of service due to unforeseeable circumstances, we will arrange for the service to be performed on the next possible neighborhood visit. Bin Medic+ reserves the right to reschedule service if needed.
  • Payment to Bin Medic+ can be made online via credit card or e-transfer to once your bin cleaning has been completed. 
  • Our Recurring Service Plans are for one year agreements and will be conveniently renewed the next following season unless notified in writing prior to the next season starting. If you cancel your service plan anytime during the year, you will be required to pay the difference between our One-Time Cleans and the Recurring Service Package pricing.   
  • Your scheduled appointment time is an ESTIMATED time due to items out of our control such as weather, traffic, conditions of bins etc. and your appointment time maybe EARLY or LATER as a result. Rest assured your appointment will be completed on the date scheduled unless otherwise advised.

Cancellation Policy:

  • For One-Time Cleans, Bin Medic+ must be notified 48 hours prior to your bin cleaning to avoid cancellations fees.
  • Bin Medic+ must be given 30 days written notice of cancellation for Recurring Service Plans. If you cancel your service plan anytime during the season, you will be required to pay the difference between our One-Time Cleans and the Recurring Service Package pricing.

Commercial Wheelie Bin Service

Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you currently service?

We serve all of Calgary, Okotoks and some Foothills Communities such as Heritage Pointe and Artesia

How do I contact you to request service?

Click on the Book Now link, call us directly at (825) 882-2226 or email us at

How often do my bins need to be serviced?

We found that a monthly service plan works well to keep up with the grime and odors.

Can I request a one-time cleaning service?

Absolutely! We provide a one-time cleaning service upon request. Please see our pricing page for all the details.

Can I change my service package?

We allow our valued customers to adjust their packages at any time. Rates will be adjusted to match your new needs.

Can I request a custom schedule or extra cleans?

Here at Bin Medic+, we understand spring and fall clean-ups are busy times. We value our customers and will work with you and come up with a plan to accommodate your needs.

Do I have to be at home to get my bins cleaned?

No, you are not required to be at home during your bin cleaning. Simply place your empty bins curbside or leave them accessible in your back alley on the day of your appointment and we take care of the cleaning. After your cleaning has been completed, stow away your carts for your next bin cleaning.

What if I forget to put out my bins?

Bin Medic+ will send an email reminder notice three days before you’re scheduled bin cleaning. If the bins are visible and accessible we are always willing to lend a hand and grab them for you. On the day your bin cleaning is scheduled, Bin Medic+ also sends a text notification when we are On Our Way, Started, and Finished. If your bins are not accessible, you bin cleaning appointment will be rescheduled and a $20.00 Service Charge will apply.

What if my bins are not empty on cleaning day?

If your bins are not empty your appointment will be rescheduled and a $20.00 Service Charge will apply.

Why is there a garbage bag in my clean bin?

We will bag any debris scraped up from your bins and place it in your black bin for the next garbage pickup. The bags we use are biodegradable to keep the impact on the environment to a minimum.

Do you use any chemicals for sanitizing?

We do not use any chemicals or soaps to clean the bins as per City of Calgary guidelines. Our specialized process is purely based on high-pressure 200 degrees F clean hot water at 3500 psi and top-of-the-line spinning spray heads.

What happens if I change residence?

As long as you’re new residence is in our service area, your plan will follow you. If you new residence is outside our service area,  please contact us to close your account and pay any price adjustment that maybe required.

How do you clean in the freezing temperatures?

Bin Medic+ can provide services up to 0 degrees C. We typically close for the winter season in November (weather permitting).


Let us be the cure for your bins.

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