About Us

A locally owned family business that is passionate about the environment and the community we live in.

The idea came to us during discussions with our neighbors about “Those Nasty Bins.” You know what we’re talking about. On a really hot day, just after the lawn has been cut or you’re picked up after your pets, you and your family are just hanging out in the yard when suddenly; you get a whiff of a disgusting odor, where could it be coming from? “Those Nasty Bins!” Never fear, Bin Medic+ is here and has the cure for your bins.

Bin Medic+ is an affordable, eco-friendly mobile bin cleaning company that helps homeowners eliminate harmful bacteria, nasty odors, pesky insects, and curious rodents. Our specialized self-contained truck offers a revolutionary cleaning process using clean hot water heated to 200 degrees F without the use of chemicals. Because the water is heated, we can effectively kill 99.9% of known bacteria while eliminating nasty odors.

Our team provides a hassle-free curbside bin cleaning service that our customers can rely on and that will help our future generations inherit a world that is safe and healthy.


Let us be the cure for your bins.

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