We have the cure for your bins!

Serving Calgary, Okotoks and some Foothills Communities.

Bin Medic+ will be officially closed for the Winter Season (weather permitting)
on November 15, 2023!

Prebook Now for Your 2024 Spring Bin Cleaning as Appointments are Filling Up Quickly. Our Team Wishes Everyone a Safe and Healthy Winter and we look forward to Serving You Again in the Spring of 2024!

Welcome to Bin Medic+

“THOSE NASTY BINS!” Dirty and stinky bins are  the most germ-filled items surrounding your home. They attract insects, rodents, harmful bacteria, and create strong pungent odors. Never fear, Bin Medic+ is here and has the cure for your bins.

At Bin Medic+ we are committed to providing an affordable, eco-friendly curbside bin cleaning service specializing in cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing your trash and recycling bins. Our self-contained cleaning trucks use 200 degrees F high-pressure clean water to blast away filth, knock out odors, and destroy millions of harmful bacteria. Our specialized unit also collects and stores the dirty water produced from cleaning these bins which is then emptied responsibly at an authorized facility. The combination of our cleaning process along with our use of no chemicals provides a winning solution to a healthier, cleaner neighborhood all while protecting the environment.

Why Choose Bin Medic+?

Eliminates Bacteria & Odors

No matter how hard you try to keep your bins clean and odor-free, they still accumulate slime, grime, and harmful bacteria. Our specialized curbside equipment will clean, sanitize, and deodorize your bins killing 99.9% of known harmful bacteria.

Environmentally Safe & Clean

Our self-contained truck does not allow for byproducts or used water to be released into the storm drains or contaminate your property. Bin Medic+ brings the clean water to your home and leaves with the used water, which is disposed of at an authorized facility. Providing the most sanitary effective environmentally safe cleaning system is our priority.

Eliminates Insects & Rodents

Insects and rodents are attracted to your bins due to odors and food waste. This creates the ideal breeding ground for bacteria and diseases to form such as E.Coli, Salmonella, and Listeria. Regular maintenance of your bins will eliminate these threats and promote a clean and healthy environment.

Affordable & Convenient

With our specialized curbside cleaning system, we do the nasty job so you don’t have to. We offer several affordable annual packages as well as one-time cleans. At Bin Medic+ we pride ourselves on offering the most professional and affordable bin cleaning service in your area.


Let us be the cure for your bins.

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